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The Bus Trail

by Kelly A. McCauley on September 18, 2013

On Saturday morning, the weather was awesome. The temperature high for the day was projected to be 73° F (22° C) with little humidity. A big change from the 95°F+ (35°C+) days with 98% humidity. Staying inside was not an option.

My wife, April, my son, Jory, and I packed up into the van and headed to Barren River Lake State Park with the intention of hiking a short loop trail. To get to the trail we were supposed to walk a short, but unspecified distance along a paved bike path. The bike path formed a loop around the park's golf course.

Jory, standing on the bike path, snacking on some food (or fingers; hard to tell).

Jory lead us down the bike path. He did a good job of waiting when April and I fell too far behind. Shortly, we came to a hiking trail-ish path on the right. Next to the trail head, there was a large hiking trail-ish bulletin board supported by two sturdy wooden posts. We looked at it for any signs that this was the trail that we were looking for. Nothing. April said it looked like it was about the right distance along the bike path, so we started down the trail. Down the wrong trail. Mind you, it wasn't a bad trail, just the wrong trail (I think).

April and Jory on the sun spotted path.

The crisp sunlight fell through the tree leaves, the bugs were nowhere to be seen in the wonderfully cool air, and the rusted bench seats frolicked on the mat of last years leaves.

Yes, rusted bench seats...

We examined the bench seats, made guesses about what they might have come from, and then moved on. Jory and I played our usual game of the hero saves the kidnap victim from the unscrupulous and notorious kidnapper, Doctor Edward Ville, PhD. Jory played the hero and I played the reoccurring villain who prefers the name, Dr. E. Ville (Hint via clue stick: verbally sound it out in an evil cackling cartoon character voice).

Near the edge of the lake, the trail sloped down and to the left. We were almost surprised to see a bus lurking in the trees.


After poking around the bus, we following the tail on down hill. It didn't go very far. It stopped at a point on the bank of the lake. Not exactly what I call a loop trail. We looked around for any signs of a branch in the trail that might have missed and we came up empty handed.

We turned around and started back the way we came. Even though we didn't hike the trail that we wanted, it was still an interesting trail.

All photographs by Kelly McCauley.

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